Data Storage and Anonymization

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In order to provide products and services, Verizon Media collects and stores information from user account registration and site and app usage. We generally refer to the information that we collect in connection with site and app usage as “user log data”.

Verizon Media’s policy is to de-identify Yahoo search user log data within 18 months of collection, with limited exceptions such as to meet legal obligations.

In addition to the other purposes for which we collect information, other types of log data (not relating to search, such as ad views, ad clicks, page views and page clicks) are retained for a longer period in order to power innovative product development, provide personalised and customised services, and better enable our security systems to detect and defend against fraudulent activity.  We describe the data we store and our processes in more detail here.

You can also modify information you have given to Verizon Media through the Verizon Media products or services you may use.

Account information

  • When you register with Verizon Media or submit information to Verizon Media, a copy of that information is routinely made to prevent accidental loss of your information through a computer malfunction or human error and to provide internal analysis and service of our systems.
  • While your account exists, Verizon Media may keep your account information in order to provide immediate access to your personalisation preferences each time you visit Verizon Media.
  • If you ask Verizon Media to delete your Verizon Media account, in most cases your account will be deactivated and then deleted from our user registration database in one month, unless this is prevented due to technical, legal, abuse detection and prevention, or other limitations. Longer hold periods exist for accounts registered in: Australia, New Zealand or India (approx. 90 days); Brazil, Hong Kong or Taiwan (approx. 180 days), unless this is prevented due to technical, legal or other limitations. These delays are necessary to discourage users from engaging in fraudulent activity.
  • Account information may be retained for a longer period when required by law.  For example, our paid Fantasy Sports products may be required to retain account information and user activity records for longer periods to meet legal and regulatory obligations in certain jurisdictions.  
  • Please note that any information that we have copied may remain in back-up storage for some period of time after your deletion request. This may be the case even though no account information remains in our active user databases.
  • When you delete your Verizon Media account, certain content, including posts and comments, may remain, but not in a state that could reasonably identify you.

Server log files

  • The Verizon Media computers (called "servers") that send you content and advertising process and store an enormous amount of information every day. These computer records are called “log files”.
  • Log files are used for analysis, research, auditing and other purposes, as described above. After this information has been used, it will be stored. Until the information is stored, your Verizon Media ID may remain in our active server log files.


  • Verizon Media’s de-identification policy applies only to Yahoo Search log data.  Verizon Media stores this data in an identifiable form for up to 18 months.
  • IP addresses within Yahoo Search user log data will be de-identified or deleted within 6 months from the time of collection.

For additional information on how long Verizon Media retains your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.