Our Partners

Our Partners

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Verizon Media works with partners to bring you a variety of features and ads, and to make our and more interactive and secure. This page supplements the information provided in our Privacy Policy and describes in greater detail the categories of partners we work with, how they help us deliver better Products and Services and how we share your data with them.

We work with search partners to power or technically provide the results to your search query in our search products. Our partners fall into two main categories:

  • Search providers - these partners provide the algorithmic and advertising results displayed on our search results pages. Currently, Microsoft is our exclusive search provider of these results for Yahoo Search, AOL Search and OneSearch.

  • Content providers - these partners provide additional information that we display on search results pages in addition to algorithmic and paid search results. For example, we use partners such as the following to provide mapping (HERE Technologies), local business listings (Yellow Pages), and flight information (Skyscanner) to supplement our search results.

may receive your data such as: 

  • search terms
  • IP address
  • web browser or device type

Search partners may use this data for their own purposes, for example, to improve their products and services, and to provide you with better search results. Search partners use the data they collect in accordance with their own privacy policies and our agreements with them

For more information about how our search products work, visit Our Products

Verizon Media works with various analytics partners, like Google Analytics,  Nielsen, ComScore and Mediametrie. Analytics partners help us and our advertising partners. develop insights across our business. These insights help us perform research studies and prepare reports for us and our advertising partners.

Analytics insights are based on different aspects of how our users interact with our and , including:

  • how many users saw an ad, content or page
  • if an ad or content was visible to users in their browser or device
  • how users interacted with the ad or content, including if they clicked through to the destination linked from the ad or content
  • if the users bought the product displayed in an ad, bought a similar product, subscribed to a service, subscribed to a newsletter or watched a video 

In order to provide these insights, we share users’ data with our analytics partners. Analytics partners also collect user data in our Products and Services through their use of tracking technologies (for example, pixels and tags). 

Analytics partners process user data like:

  • log file data relating to the user
  • IP addresses
  • basic demographic data, like age range or gender
  • user activity, for example, clicks on ads and content
  • properties of the users’ device and browser

Analytics partners will use the data they collect in accordance with their own privacy policies and our agreements with them. 

Some of the ads that you see on our are provided by our advertising technology partners. These partners help us:

  • deliver ads to people who are most likely to be interested in seeing them
  • keep track of the number of users who saw or clicked on a particular ad
  • analyse the performance and effectiveness of our ads and those of third parties
  • reduce fraud and detect non-human traffic
  • perform auditing, research, and reporting for advertisers

To enable our advertising technology partners to carry out all of these activities, we share your data with them. Our advertising technology partners will also collect data about you and use that data for their own purposes, and in accordance with your controls, their privacy policies and our agreements with them. 
The type of data that advertising technology partners collect and use includes:

  • your IP address
  • HTTP header information
  • browser or device information
  • cookies and related tracking data

Many of our advertising technology partners are part of an advertising industry framework called . This makes it easier for you to manage if and how these partners use your data. Visit the ‘Partners’ section in Your Privacy Controls; to see your current settings with our IAB advertising technology partners.

Some of our advertising technology partners also participate in multiple, regional self-regulatory bodies and are committed to adhering to their principles for online behavioural advertising. While distinct, these entities are all cooperatives of organisations committed to building responsible advertising policies across the Internet. These industry self-regulatory bodies also offer you opt-outs to manage whether participating entities process your data for certain purposes. See below for more information.

Verizon Media works with various partners who provide relevant content to you on our . The types of content these partners provide varies, from maps, to news, videos and more. 

Below is a description of the different categories of content partners that we work with, the types of data they collect and use, and the features they provide in our Products.

We strive to deliver our own developed and hosted content. We also partner with content providers to deliver a broader variety of content. For example, you may see news articles from Reuters, The IndependentThe British Broadcasting CorporationThe Guardian or The Irish Examiner, Healthline, or video content from Storyful or ITN.

These providers collect your information, including your IP address, page header information, browser information, flash player version, internet speed, and the portion of the video watched.

Verizon Media implements social buttons and widgets from partners on our to incorporate interactive features. These social buttons and widgets are from partners like Facebook, TwitterFlipboard, Spot.IM and Spotify. These interactive features allow you to like or dislike articles, insert comments, and share content in your social media profiles or with your social network. 

Social buttons and widgets are visible to you on the pages you visit. When you interact with a specific widget or social button, the content partner providing the widget or social button will collect some information about you, including IP address, HTTP header information, and browser information.

In some cases, the partner will recognise you through its social button or widget even if you do not interact with it. Our partners use the data they collect in accordance with their policies and our agreements with them.

We work with companies like Amazon, Apple and Google as voice and digital assistant providers. These companies may provide users choices about how they collect and use information. For more information, please review their privacy policies.

Apple provides the following additional disclosure. Verizon Media applications may allow you to interact with them using Apple’s Siri functionality (iOS 12 or above). Use of Apple's Siri with Verizon Media applications requires your recorded audio data be sent to Apple for speech recognition, processing and/or transcription purposes. Such audio data may be used by Apple to improve and provide Apple products and services.

Verizon Media works with partners like Taboola to provide our users with article and news feed recommendations based on previous content users have viewed, shared, or interacted with.

Content recommendation partners collect information from our users such as their web or app behaviour when on our Products, browser information, IP address and mobile identifiers. They will use that information subject to their agreements with us and their privacy policies.

We work with e-commerce partners to provide product listings, catalogues, shopping carts, price alerts, payment processing, and related-online commerce functionality. E-commerce partners include AWIN, Skimlinks, Amazon, CJ Affiliate and Sovrn (formerly VigLink). 

For example, our e-commerce partners may display hyperlinks in our Products (such as articles on HuffPost or Yahoo) to goods and services. If you click on those hyperlinks you will be redirected to manufacturers or other vendors that provide information and the ability to purchase those goods and services.

Our e-commerce partners will collect information related to your activity. They will use that information in accordance with their policies and our agreements with them.

Verizon Media partners with companies who may offer products or services to you based on the current page content or other criteria. For example Bankrate and PayPal offer you mortgage calculators or other financial tools on our Yahoo Finance product.

Other partners offer polls on our HuffPost and Yahoo Entertainment products (like Opinary) or GIF functionality (like Tenor).

Because your browser, app, or device must request the content from the partner's servers, these providers can collect your information, including your IP address, page header information, and browser information. They will also process any information you provide to them as part of your use. They will use that information in accordance with their policies and our agreements with them.