Browser Apps

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This page documents our current privacy practices for browser apps – including extensions, add-ons and plug-ins – such as Yahoo Toolbar and those provided by ClarityRay Solutions, an Verizon Media company.

Information collection and use practices

  • Browser apps for Verizon Media products and services are extensions of those services and the privacy information page for each will reflect our privacy practices as if you were using that service in a web browser.
  • We track clicks on our browser apps for reasons that include improving our products and services.
  • Toolbar apps are buttons that allow you to interact with web services provided by Verizon Media and third parties.
    • When you use a Toolbar app to access third-party services such as Facebook, Verizon Media does not track activities within the panel where you interact with that third party. That third party may collect information within the panel as you interact with its services.
  • Web usage
    • Some browser apps, including Yahoo Toolbar, may share non-personally identifiable information with Verizon Media about your device and the sites you visit to help us personalise your online experience, detect malware and other software that injects or blocks advertisements, and improve our products and services.
    • When enabled, such apps will transmit information to Verizon Media about the web page you’re visiting. This information may include the complete website addresses (URLs) from all web pages you visit, referring and redirected URLs, IFrame URLs, script calls, name and URL of pop-up windows, unique Toolbar identifiers, product performance data such as page load speed, the effect the advertising blocking and/or insertion software has on such web pages, device ID, and other information provided by your browser including domain cookies.
    • All domain cookies are transmitted automatically to us by your browser when this feature is enabled. Verizon Media selectively records only certain cookies with usage data for that particular Verizon Media app and does not store cookies that contain or are associated with Yahoo account IDs.
    • The setting for this feature is independent of other privacy preferences you may have expressed to Verizon Media or made in your browser. For example, this setting does not change the selections you made in the Ad Interest Manager and, vice versa, selections you made in the Ad Interest Manager do not affect the collection of information through this feature. You can disable this feature at any time through the options for the browser app you’re using. From the respective extensions manager, click ‘Preferences’ in Firefox and ‘Options’ in Chrome. If you’re using Yahoo Toolbar, you can also click the gear on the right-hand side and choose the Settings menu.
  • Software detection
    • Some of our browser apps will automatically detect other software installed on your device for purposes that may include identifying software that injects or blocks advertisements, determining if the software is involved in fraudulent activity, and finding software that is a network security threat. The app will collect identifying characteristics and other details about such software.
    • We may use the information gathered to help diagnose problems with and improve our products and services. We may also help other companies by providing details about the scope and nature of how they are impacted; however, this will not include personally identifiable information.

Updating or deleting information

  • By default, Yahoo Toolbar settings are stored on the computer where Toolbar is installed. Sign in to the Toolbar and save your settings to store them in your account and use them across different browsers or devices.

How to uninstall

  • You can uninstall browser apps you no longer wish to use. Uninstalling an app does not affect your account, will not alter your cookies, nor limit your access to other Verizon Media services.
  • Firefox
    • Visit the Firefox extension manager. From the top menu, go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions, or copy and paste the following in the URL bar of the Firefox browser: about:addons
  • Chrome
    • Visit the Chrome extension manager. From the Chrome menu, go to Tools > Extensions, or copy and paste the following in the URL bar of the Chrome browser: chrome://extensions/
  • Internet Explorer
    • Uninstall from the Windows Control Panel.
  • Refer to our help pages for more information.


  • This page describes current Verizon Media practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as Verizon Media revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers. To find out how Verizon Media treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.