Why this ad?

Why this ad?

Sites, apps, and smart TVs work with online advertising companies to provide you with relevant advertising.

The ads you see are informed by various factors, including:

  • the content of the site or app you are using
  • information you choose to provide to us or others
  • your activity on our consumer services and our digital advertising services, such as the searches you make, the articles you read and the videos you watch
  • data from apps on your device

See how digital advertising works to learn more about Yahoo uses your information to provide advertising to you.

Who placed this ad?

This ad was placed by Yahoo or one of our advertising technology partners. Find out about our advertising technology partners in the “Manage Personalization from Our Partners” section in your privacy controls.

What choices do I have?

  • Visit your privacy controls to manage your advertising choices with Yahoo and our advertising partners.
  • Visit the EDAA for other controls and tools to help set and maintain your privacy choices.
  • Learn how to manage the cookies and similar technologies set on your device by visiting our cookie policy.