Official Rules for Daily Fantasy Golf Contests

Contest Rules

For each contest, an entrant will have a set $200 salary cap to draft real-world athletes into an entrant’s lineup. Athlete salaries will not change once Yahoo has added a contest to our Contest Lobby. The objective of each contest is to score the highest amount of points based on the performance of athletes in your lineup.

Contests marked as "Guaranteed" will always run (unless for reasons stated in the Cancellation Policy section of the Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy Terms of Service), and pre-determined prizes will be paid regardless of the number of entrants, or whether the contest has filled with the required number of entrants.

Contests not marked as "Guaranteed" will only run if the required number of entrants has been reached before the start of the contest. If the required number of entrants for non-guaranteed contests has not been reached, the contest will be cancelled, and any entry fees for that contest will be refunded back to the entrants (e.g. If a 100-person contest only has only 99 entrants by the time the contest starts, and that contest is not marked as "Guaranteed", that contest will cancel and all 99 entrants will be refunded their entry fee).

Contests marked as "Multi-entry" allow for multiple entries per entrant up to the maximum number of entries allowed per entrant as stated in the specific contest details. You can access the contest details by clicking on that specific contest listed in the Contest Lobby for more information (e.g. contest start time, # of entries, entry fee, prize pool, payouts, entrants, etc.). In all other cases and if a contest is not specifically marked as "Multi-entry", only one entry per entrant is allowed per contest.


All lineup entries must consist of six golfers selected from the available player list. The available player list will be published at the time that contests for the tournament are made available. Generally, the player list will not change or be modified once published. However, there may be circumstances where golfers are added to tournaments after Yahoo has published the available player list. In these instances, Yahoo reserves the right to add golfers to the available player list and will communicate these changes to existing entrants via email, in product notification, or other available means.


Contests may no longer be entered once the scheduled tee time of the first golfer of the tournament has passed (e.g. entries for a contest will close at 6:00 AM PT if the first golfer in that tournament has a scheduled tee time of 6:00 AM PT).

Lineup edits are not permitted after the contest closes.

Canceling Entries

Entrants may cancel entries under certain conditions by clicking on the “Edit Entry” button under the “My Contest” section of the site, then clicking on the “Cancel contest entry” link at the bottom of the Lineup page.

Entrants may cancel an entry for any non-head-to-head (H2H) contest that is unfilled before the contest starts, or for any filled non-H2H contest up to 15 minutes before contest start.

No entries may be canceled for matched H2H contests.

Cancellations, Suspensions, and Shortened Tournaments

If any scheduled golf tournament is canceled (e.g. no tour prize money is paid out and no winner is declared), Yahoo will cancel all contests and refund all entries associated with the canceled tournament.

A tournament will be considered suspended if play has begun, but will resume at a later date due to weather, darkness or other reasons. If the tournament will not resume prior to the tour’s next scheduled tournament, Yahoo will cancel all contests and refund all entries associated with the tournament.

If a golf tournament is shortened for any reason, but the tour prize money is paid out and a winner is declared, then the fantasy points accumulated for the completed portion of the tournament will be used to finalize and score contests.

Scoring Notes


If golfers tie for finishing position, they will each receive the fantasy points awarded for that position. For example, if three golfers tie for second place, they each will receive 12 points, and no golfer will receive the third place points.


If a tournament uses a playoff to determine a winner in the event competitors are tied at the end of the scheduled amount of holes, any statistics accrued during playoff holes will not generate fantasy points. Playoff holes will only be used to determine final standings for the purposes of awarding finishing position fantasy points. For example if three golfers advance to a playoff and one golfer wins the tournament with a birdie on a single hole while the other two golfers par, the golfer who wins the tournament via playoff will earn 25 points for a first-place finish while the other two golfers will earn 12 points each for a second-place finish. The golfer who earned a birdie will not earn 3.5 points for a birdie because it occurred on a playoff hole.

Bonus eligibility

Golfers will receive fantasy points for all completed holes. If a golfer withdraws from a tournament or is disqualified before completing a round, the golfer will receive fantasy points for all completed holes however they will not be eligible for a finishing position bonus. Golfers must complete the entire tournament to be eligible for a finishing position bonus, and must complete a round to be eligible for a bogey free round bonus.

Birdie streak

A golfer will earn a bonus score if he has a streak of three or more consecutive birdies in a single round. Golfers will only get one streak per round based on their longest streak of the round. Bonus score amounts can be found in the Scoring section of the Official Rules.

Scoring Revisions & Corrections

Final tournament scores sent by our data provider at the conclusion of the tournament’s rounds will be the basis for calculating all scoring and results of each contest. Please note that live scoring and any accumulated statistics during a contest may ultimately differ from the final tournament score.

On occasion, tournament scores may be revised and resent by our data provider after the final tournament scores have already been released. Should this occur, contest scoring and results will not be revised.

A correction will be treated differently from a scoring revision. There are instances where a correction must be made, even after contests and payments have settled, due to various technical issues that may have affected contest scoring and results, or the settlement process itself.

Yahoo will determine, at its sole discretion, whether any corrections need to be made including whether settlements will be adjusted due to the corrections.

Tournament schedule

Contests shall consist of golf tournaments that are scored by individual stroke play. Team-based tournaments such as the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup or individual match-play tournaments will not be used for fantasy contests.

Contest Settlement & Payments

We will attempt to settle contests as quickly as possible, but this process may take longer depending on when the final tournament score is received.

Once a contest has settled, payments will be made to prize winners (subject to verification) shortly after, typically by the next day.


All prizes offered are established and made known to contest entrants in advance of each contest and are listed on each respective contest page.

In the event of a tie, Yahoo will combine the winning prizes and evenly distribute the prizes to the tied entrants.

For example, if three participants tie for 1st place, with 1st place winning $100, 2nd place winning $50, and 3rd place winning $30, each of the tied entrants will receive $60.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Each contest is governed by Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy Terms of Service. For additional terms and rules, including rules regarding eligibility for each contest, please see the Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy Terms of Service.

Last updated: October 2019