Have questions about Best Ball Football contests? Get the answers by reviewing our Official Best Ball Rules.

Contest Rules

For each contest, you will draft real-world athletes onto your team. Once your team is drafted, there are no other moves all season--no adds, drops or trades and you don’t decide who to sit and start each week. The objective of each contest is to score the highest amount of points based on the performance of athletes on your team. Each week the top players at each position on your team will automatically count towards your weekly score. The team with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

Roster positions are as follows:

Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE)

Bench: 9

Roster Size: 17

Scoring will be standard Yahoo Fantasy football scoring rules:






















Additional rules (e.g. size of contest, entry fee, prize payouts, contest length, draft type, pick time) will be specified on the contest details page, which can be accessed by clicking on a contest in the lobby.


In order to be prize-eligible in Best Ball contests, you must either edit your pre-draft rankings or manually make at least one pick during the draft. If you do not edit your pre-draft rankings or make at least one manual pick, you will not be eligible to win any prizes. Auto-draft is not allowed as an option during Best Ball drafts. If you disconnect from the draft we will make picks on your behalf, but you will not be prize eligible unless you make at least one pick (or have edited your pre-draft rankings). In addition, if your optimal lineup consists of players from less than three teams, you will not be eligible to win prizes.

The draft will begin once the last team joins the contest, no matter the time of day this occurs. You will receive an email and push notification when the league is about to draft. You may draft up to 50 football Best Ball leagues. You can only enter one draft at a time; you will not be able to join another one until your existing draft completes.

Canceling Entries

Entrants may cancel entries into contests that have not yet been filled. Once the contest fills, entries may no longer be canceled.

Postponements & Cancelations

If any scheduled game is postponed or canceled, points will be awarded to athletes who are participating in the postponed or canceled game in the week in which the game was played. Football Best Ball weeks begin Thursday morning and end Wednesday night. If the canceled game was played before Wednesday night, points will be accrued in the same week. If the canceled game is played in a subsequent week, points will accrue in that subsequent week.


A game will be considered suspended if play has begun, but will resume at a later date.

If any game is suspended, any statistics accumulated within the week up to the point of suspension will be included in the weekly results.

Any game that resumes play following a suspension will result in no additional points being awarded to athletes in the contest unless the game is postponed and played no later than Wednesday of that week.

Position Eligibility

For all contests, Yahoo will determine position eligibility for any athlete at its sole discretion.

Traded Athletes

When an athlete is traded to another team after a contest has been created or a draft has occurred, that athlete will continue to accrue points as soon as he plays for his new team.

Scoring Revisions & Corrections

Final box scores sent by our data provider at the conclusion of the week’s games on Wednesday evening will be the basis for calculating all scoring and results of each contest. Please note that live scoring and any accumulated statistics during a contest may ultimately differ from the final box score.

On occasion, box scores may be revised and resent by our data provider after the final Wednesday evening box scores have already been released. Should this occur, contest scoring and results will not be revised.

A correction will be treated differently from a scoring revision. There are instances where a correction must be made, even after contests and payments have settled, due to various technical issues that may have affected contest scoring and results, or the settlement process itself.

Yahoo will determine, at its sole discretion, whether any corrections need to be made including whether settlements will be adjusted due to the corrections.

Contest Settlement & Payments

Weekly winners will be determined every Wednesday evening for the prior week. Overall winners will be determined Wednesday evening after the conclusion of the overall contest.

Once winners have been determined, payments will be made to prize winners (subject to verification) shortly after, typically by the next day.


All prizes offered are established and made known to contest entrants in advance of each contest and are listed on each respective contest details page.

In the event of a tie, Yahoo will combine the winning prizes and evenly distribute the prizes to the tied entrants.

For example, if three participants tie for 1st place, with 1st place winning $100, 2nd place winning $50, and 3rd place winning $30, each of the tied entrants will receive $60.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Each contest is governed by Yahoo Sports Paid Fantasy Terms of Service. For additional terms and rules, including rules regarding eligibility for each contest, please see the Terms of Service.