This page describes Yahoo's privacy practices with respect to your location information.

Collection of Information

To provide you with more relevant experiences, Yahoo may collect or derive your location, including:

  • Pinpointed Physical Location
    If you provide permission through your device, browser, or with Yahoo directly, Yahoo may obtain pinpointed physical location information from technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cell tower proximity.
  • Content you provide
    • Yahoo may collect location information from content you provide including attachments, photos, videos and other information
  • Locations You Entered
    • Yahoo may collect locations that you searched for in certain brands, websites, apps, advertising services, products, services or technologies (“Services”) (such as Search and Maps).
    • You may be asked to provide a location such as postal code. Yahoo may use this information to provide a starting point for location-aware Services.
  • IP Address
  • Yahoo may use your IP address to derive information about where your device is generally located. Please refer to IP Address for more information.
  • Yahoo may work with select partners to obtain location information about some of our registered users. For more information see Appended and Matched Data.
    • Yahoo may receive location data from third parties that you have linked your account with. See Yahoo Privacy Controls for your options regarding your accounts for Yahoo products or Services.

Use of Information

Yahoo may access, store, and use the location information described above to provide Services such as: enhanced location based services, serve location-targeted advertising, search results, and other content. Yahoo may maintain a history of your locations. To Manage your Precise Location information, visit your Privacy Dashboard and Controls page, choose the Yahoo brand you are using, then select the “Precise Location Information” control under “Personalize Your Experience”. 

Other uses of location information may include determining the appropriate language for presenting a website, conducting product analysis, and assisting in the detection of fraud and abuse.

Yahoo may classify your location as "Current" and/or "Favorite" locations. Visit our Location Help Page to learn more.

Determining Your Legal Jurisdiction

Yahoo uses your location information and other available signals to determine your legal jurisdiction in order to comply with applicable laws. In many cases, this determination is made by analyzing the IP address that is sent from your browser or mobile device. Yahoo may also consider or use your registration information (including billing information), the region-specific version of the product you are using (e.g., regional homepages for yahoo.com), cookie and/or mobile device identifiers, GPS coordinates, and related “device locale” information provided by your browser or mobile device. In cases where Yahoo provides services to third parties, Yahoo may rely on information provided by business partners. Note that Yahoo will retain, use, combine, and reconcile some or all of these signals over time for the purpose of determining your applicable legal jurisdiction.

If you connect to Yahoo or its services through a VPN, proxy server, or other method that blocks or redacts any of the above information, Yahoo may not be able to accurately determine your legal jurisdiction, which may affect Yahoo’s ability to provide requested services or honor certain privacy rights.

Use of Precise Geolocation information in Virginia

The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act requires consent for the collection of precise location data for certain commercial uses. Yahoo honors this legal requirement by truncating latitude and longitude coordinate information from geolocation data that falls within the state of Virginia to convert the data into imprecise location data. Virginia residents do not need to manage or effectuate their Precise Location Information opt-out in Yahoo’s Privacy Dashboard to receive this privacy protection.

Sharing of Information

Yahoo and its affiliates may share the location information it receives among other Yahoo affiliates and any companies that become affiliates. Yahoo affiliates use the information consistent with their privacy policies.

With your consent, Yahoo may share precise location information and other information that could reasonably identify you with third parties. Please note that third parties' use of location information that you provide to them is subject to their own privacy policies and not the Yahoo Privacy Policy.

Your Choices

Learn more about your choices.
For additional information on how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.