Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues - Official Rules


Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues ("Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues" or the "Contest"; each such league participating in the Contest is a "League") is a game of skill where you compete against other users to win prizes based on your knowledge and skill in assembling and managing a fantasy football team (your "Team"). Payment of an entry fee is required to register a team. Entry fee amounts will be clearly marked during the registration process.

Playing Season

Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues are played in connection with the 2024 NFL regular season. As currently scheduled, the 2024 Season begins on the first day of the regular season and concludes with the final day of regular season games. The key dates related to the schedule can be found on the Fantasy Football important dates page:

Once available, the full NFL game schedule can be found at

The 2024 Season is divided into a series of "Game Weeks." Game Weeks generally follow a seven-day Tuesday-Monday schedule, beginning each Tuesday morning at 12:00 AM PT and ending the following Monday evening at 11:59 PM PT, or at the conclusion of the last regularly scheduled game for that Monday, whichever comes first. The first Game Week is currently scheduled to begin with the start of the 2024 Season on Thursday, September 5 at 12:00 AM PT. Exceptions to this Game Week schedule are posted and updated on the Fantasy Football important dates page:

By default, the “Fantasy Regular Season” will begin with Game Week 1 and end at the start of the “Fantasy Playoffs.” The “Fantasy Playoffs” commence at the start of the third to last week of the NFL regular season, unless otherwise communicated. Dates may change based on NFL initiated schedule changes. Users will be notified of any date changes and the key dates related to the current schedule can be found on the Fantasy Football important dates page:

Please keep in mind that you will only receive credit for NFL games that begin and are played after your League's initial draft has taken place and your League's season is underway.

If any real-life game scheduled to be played on a date during the Game Weeks of the Contest is rescheduled to a later date for any reason, players participating in that game will only earn Fantasy Points for their fantasy Teams if the game is made up before the start of the first game of the next Game Week after which the affected game was originally scheduled. Real-life games that are rescheduled to a subsequent Game Week will not count toward the players' Fantasy Point totals, unless Yahoo provides notice otherwise.

Also, please bear in mind that the real-life playoffs have no bearing on any of the Leagues in this Contest. Statistics from real-life playoff games, and from any makeup games that may be played after the scheduled end date of the 2024 Season, will not be included in the scoring for any League in this Contest, unless Yahoo provides notice otherwise.

Yahoo reserves the right to modify, change, or reschedule the Fantasy Regular Season, the Fantasy Playoffs, or the conclusion of Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues in the event that the 2024 Season schedule is changed for any reason.


You may purchase as many as 50 teams in Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues. All Leagues in Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues are public leagues that use standard Head-to-Head scoring and standard settings.

All Leagues in Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues are either Standard Draft or Salary Cap Draft Leagues, and all drafts will be held live online at a predetermined time.  "Autopick" and "Offline" drafts are not available in Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues.

In each League, you are competing against a group of fantasy players from around the country. When you sign up, you will be randomly placed in a League with other managers who have chosen the same type of league, entry fee, draft type, and draft time.

While other Fantasy Football games allow different league sizes, all Fantasy Football Public Prize Leagues have exactly 10 managers per League. A League will not conduct a draft or begin League play until all 10 slots have been filled. If your League does not fill up before its scheduled draft time, the League will be canceled, and all managers will be issued a refund to their Yahoo Fantasy Sports accounts.

Please refer to Fantasy Football help pages to read more about all general rules regarding Fantasy Football, including standard settings and scoring, draft types, transaction deadlines, waivers and free agents, and trades, as well as Fantasy Football Public Prize League help pages.

Playoffs and Prizes

In the event of a tie in the standings of two or more Teams at the conclusion of the Fantasy Regular Season, or a matchup tie between two Teams during the Fantasy Playoffs, the tie will be broken using the tiebreak formulas described in the Regular Season Tiebreak Rules and Playoff Tiebreak Rules articles, respectively.

Note that the Fantasy Playoffs do not include any real-life playoff games, and the real-life playoff games have no bearing on the Fantasy Playoffs. All Fantasy Playoffs will conclude by the end of the real-life regular season.

In order to be prize-eligible in Public Prize League contests, you must edit or accept the Yahoo Pre-Draft Player Rankings no later than when payment is indicated as due for your League. In the event that a potential prize winner is deemed ineligible for any reason, the prize may be awarded to the next eligible participant in the League's final standings. Should such a substitution be necessary, the prize positions may be shifted proportionally. For example, if a potential second place prize winner is deemed ineligible, the third place finisher, if eligible, will be awarded the second place prize, the fourth place finisher, if eligible, will be awarded the third place prize, and so on. No winner will receive double prizes as the result of a higher-ranked participant being deemed ineligible.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Each Contest is governed by Yahoo Sports Paid Fantasy Terms of Service. For additional terms and rules, including rules regarding eligibility for each contest, please see the Paid Fantasy Terms of Service.

Last updated 04.15.24