About Your Choices

Yahoo believes in providing you with choices regarding the data we collect and use to the build experiences we offer to you across the Yahoo brands, websites, apps, advertising services, products, services or technologies (“Services”). Read on for more detailed information regarding these choices below.  You can also visit the Yahoo Privacy Controls to manage your Yahoo Service settings.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

  • You may be able to configure your browser to accept cookies, reject cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. Each browser is different, so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. If you reject all cookies or certain similar technologies, you may not be able to use Yahoo Services that require you to "sign in," and you may not be able to take full advantage of all offerings. Please note that deleting the cookies in your browser may in some cases cancel your opt out. The Digital Advertising Alliance offers Protect My Choices, which will help ensure that your opt-out settings through the DAA consumer choice page persist regardless of whether you delete your cookies.
  • Some technologies may use information from your device or device’s connection other than what is provided by your browser, which means you may not be able to control their use through the same browser tools and settings you use to control browser cookies. For example, the Adobe Flash Player is an application and web tool that allows rapid development of dynamic content. Flash (and similar applications) use technology to remember settings, preferences and usage similar to browser cookies but these are managed through a different interface than the one provided by your browser. 

Ad Personalization

  • While it is not possible to turn off all advertising, you do have choices: 
    • Yahoo participates in multiple, regional self-regulatory bodies and is committed to adhering to their principles for online behavioural advertising. While distinct, these entities are all cooperatives of companies committed to building responsible advertising policies across the Internet. To learn more, please see them listed in Ad Serving.
    • Yahoo offers controls built-in to personalize your experience. You can opt out of receiving interest-based ads from us when you browse the web by directly utilizing Yahoo Privacy Controls. Your opt-out choices will apply only to the browser and device you are using when you opt out unless you have registered with our Services and are logged in when you opt-out. If you opt-out of receiving interest-based ads from us, we will not use your information for the purposes described in database match and append processes, and you will no longer receive interest-based advertising.
    • If you opt-out of advertising personalization, you will continue to see ads, but they won’t be customized by Yahoo to your interests or search history.
    • Even when you opt out of interest-based ads, we may still use information we obtain from your uses of our Services for fraud, security, analytics, research, Services innovation and improvement, and attribution purposes.
    • You can, in many cases, opt-out of receiving targeted ads from other companies that serve ads on Yahoo Services by visiting our Third Parties on Yahoo page.
    • You can edit your Yahoo account information, that may be used to select ads, at any time.

Managing Your Location Information

See Yahoo Privacy Controls for details on managing your location information.

  • You may be able to opt out of providing precise location information to Yahoo, and having that information shared with third parties, by adjusting the settings on your device. Please note that you may need to adjust multiple settings, and not just your location preference, to opt out of providing precise location information to Yahoo. If you subsequently opt in to sharing location information for an individual service, your location information will be shared with that service. If you opt-out of providing precise location information to Yahoo, we may continue to derive your approximate location from your IP address and other information we may collect. For more information, please review your app and device settings. Visit our Location help page to learn more.
  • You can view, add, and delete your location information from the location settings controls available within the Yahoo Privacy Controls page

If available, you may be able to manage your location(s) within the apps themselves. Note that if you consent to share your location information within a particular app, your location information collected from within that app may continue to be shared even after you have opted-out on your device.

More Information

  • If you’ve not logged into an Yahoo mobile application on your device or have not arrived at the opt-out page from an Yahoo mobile app, please use the mobile operating system’s controls to opt out of personalized ads. Even when not logged in, Yahoo may use your device identifier or other identifiers to associate users, devices, and accounts with each other or with those in a similar location, such as in a household.
  • Once you log into Yahoo brands or Services on your device, Yahoo may recognize your device and provide you with a personalized experience (even if you log out). In most cases, we refer to your Yahoo Service settings when collecting and using this information. Your device's privacy settings may not provide you with full control over your privacy but you can control Yahoo ad targeting and personalization directly through Yahoo Privacy Controls.
  • To stop the collection of information by an Yahoo app, you can uninstall the app using the standard uninstall process available on your device or via the app marketplace or network from which you installed the app.