Third Parties

The following third party companies may use a variety of tools, including IP Addresses, applications (or "widgets"), web beacons, SDKs, cookies, and similar technologies when people use our brands, websites, apps, advertising services, products, services or technologies (“Services”) or see the ads provided by our advertising Services. These companies may collect information about other apps on your various devices, the websites you visit, location information, and other information. In addition, Yahoo may share non-personally identifiable information, including pseudonymous demographic information, about you with partners for Service improvements, research and analysis, to provide personalized advertising, to help them provide you more innovative experiences and content and to help Yahoo communicate with you about offers from Yahoo and our marketing partners.

Yahoo aims to deliver the most engaging user experience to meet the needs of our users. Please check back regularly for any updates to third party policies.

Analytics partners

Yahoo works with companies that provide services to us to determine whether users who saw or clicked on an ad or content later bought the item displayed in the ad (or took some other action the advertiser wanted them to take). To do this, these companies may collect information about the content or ads users view, how long they spend on different pages, how they arrived on a particular page (e.g., through a search query, link from another page, or a bookmark), and how they respond to the ads we show them. Yahoo also may share portions of our log file data, including IP address, with these partners for analytics purposes. In the event your IP address is shared, this information may be used to estimate general location and other technographics such as connection speed, whether you have visited an Yahoo Service in a shared location, and type of the device used to visit Yahoo Services. These partners provide information about our advertising and what you see using Yahoo Services to provide auditing, research and reporting for us and our advertisers.

The analytics providers with whom we work include, but are not limited to, the companies listed below. Some of these companies provide users choices about how they collect and use information. For more information, please review their privacy policies.

*Nielsen will share information about which ads you see with Facebook in an obscured form. If you are a logged-in Facebook user, you can learn more about Facebook’s privacy practices here.

Social Buttons, Applications, and Widgets

Yahoo may implement an application or “widget” from a third party on some of our sites and apps that allows interaction or content sharing by Yahoo users. These widgets are visible to you on the page you visit. The network providing the widget may offer controls for you to manage the widget’s appearance and functionality. Your interaction with a widget typically allows the third party to collect some information about you, including IP address, page header information, and browser information. In some cases, the third party may recognize you through its widgets even when you do not interact with the widget but visit a web page or use an app with the widget. Yahoo allows social buttons, applications, and widgets from the following partners:

Social Buttons


Advertising technologies

Most advertisements you see on Yahoo Services are served by Yahoo. However, we also allow certain companies to serve advertisements and collect information within our Services. These companies include third party ad servers, ad agencies, technology vendors, providers of sponsored content, research firms, and other companies that help us provide more effective advertising.

These companies do things like help us deliver ads to people who are most likely to be interested in seeing them, keep track of the number of users who saw a particular ad or visited a particular page of one of our websites, analyse the effectiveness of our ads, and provide auditing, research and reporting for advertisers. Because your browser, app, or device communicates with the third party’s servers, these companies can collect information, including your IP address, page header information, browser or device information, just as if you had requested their webpage or used their apps directly. These companies may collect information to deliver you customized ads on both Yahoo and non-Yahoo websites, applications, and services. In some situations, Yahoo may interact with these companies outside of your browser or device, directly between our web servers.

The following third parties offer information about their data collection practices, and in some cases, an opt-out, on their respective websites. Please visit each company’s privacy policy to better understand the controls available to you.

Some of these companies participate in industry-developed programs designed to provide consumers with choices about whether to receive interest-based ads. To learn more, please visit the websites of the regional self-regulatory bodies listed in Ad Serving, where additional third parties also may be listed.

Content providers

Yahoo partners with various content providers, listed below, who provide content to you on our Services. These content providers may be in the form of services such as providing you maps from one partner and news from a different partner. Because your browser, app, or device must request the content from the content provider's servers, these providers can collect your information, including your IP address, page header information, browser information, and other information just as if you had visited their website or used their app directly.

Video content providers

While Yahoo strives to deliver engaging video content that is developed or hosted by Yahoo, such as Community or Saturday Night Live, we also partner with some video content providers to deliver engaging video content. These providers can collect your information, including your IP address, page header information, browser information, flash player version, internet speed, and the portion of the video watched.

Games developers

Yahoo Games hosts games made by sponsors and developers to bring you interesting and fun games. Some of these games may have additional terms and conditions and privacy policies associated with them.

Because your browser or device must request the content from the content provider's servers, these providers can collect your information, including your IP address, browser information, and flash player version. In addition, Games Developers may record game scores, entered game name, user settings, or other game play actions which may be governed by the additional terms of service for the game

Search partners

The third party partners listed below may provide search and search advertising results for Yahoo. Search advertising includes paid search and/or contextual search results. More than one search partner may be used at the same time and may change based on factors such as type of online experience, type of device used, and the country the search is performed from.

To learn more about each search partner’s data collection and use practices and what tools or controls are available to you, please visit each search partner’s privacy policy:

Other partnerships

Yahoo partners with companies who may offer products or services to you based on the current page content or other criteria. These partners may be in the form of the "Get the Look" bar on celebrity pictures or a sidebar with topical products. Because your browser, app, or device must request the content from the partner's servers, these providers can collect your information, including your IP address, page header information, and browser information:

For additional information on how Yahoo treats your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.