Data Transfer

Your personal information may be transferred to countries other than your own to process and store data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and to provide you with products and services. We may transfer your data to affiliates or partners, including for outsourced data processing undertaken on Yahoo's behalf. Privacy and data protection standards in these countries may not be equivalent to standards in your country. If you do not agree then you should not use those products and services.

By using our products and services you consent to us transferring your information to countries outside your local jurisdiction, if necessary, for Yahoo's legitimate business purposes as defined in our Privacy Policy. We are committed to ensuring your information is protected and apply safeguards in accordance with applicable law. To learn more about security, including the security steps we have taken and security steps you can take, please read Security at Yahoo.

Personal Data from Yahoo EU/EEA Properties

Yahoo may process personal information related to individuals in the EU/EEA and may transfer that information from the EU/EEA through various compliance mechanisms, including data processing agreements based on the EU/EEA Standard Contractual Clauses.